Underwater Camera Reviews

Underwater Camera Reviews looks at the most popular underwater cameras and reports our findings so you can make an educated decision about the best waterproof camera for your needs and budget. The oceans are one of the most beautiful places that you’ll undoubtedly explore with your new underwater digital camera, but today’s rugged waterproof digital cameras are great for pools or anywhere there’s water. Let us help you find the perfect waterproof camera! Check the special features below for quick suggestions or read one of our waterproof camera reviews to learn more about a specific model.

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Features of Waterproof Cameras

You can never capture the beauty of the ocean – or just the fun of your backyard swimming pool – with ordinary cameras. To take photos underwater, in the rain or in the pool, you will need the help of an underwater digital camera. As the name suggests these cameras are used mainly for taking images underwater. Many waterproof cameras now also allow you to shoot video as well.

Waterproof cameras are available with a wide range of features, and although some may be a bit more expensive than an ordinary compact camera, you’ll get features that make them more rugged and durable then your standard point-and-shoot. For instance, many are also shockproof, dustproof and able to withstand freezing temperatures.

These days, there are plenty of underwater digital cameras available. Most of the famous digital camera brands have their own unique collection of underwater cameras. Some of the major brands that you may recognize are Sony, Olympus, Panasonic, Sealife, Canon, Fuji, Kodak, Nikon and Pentax. Each model comes with different features, which are designed to meet the needs of the user.

The main feature that sets waterproof cameras apart from the ordinary cameras, of course, is that they come in a special housing which protects them from the water. Depending on the camera you choose, this waterproof exterior will allow you to take your camera underwater to depths of 10 feet to more than 100 feet. Under water cameras also come with special lenses that are designed to work in water and allow the user to capture high definition images and video in water. These lenses are also designed to prevent the lens from fogging up. Some under water digital cameras also come with oversized controls that makes them easy to handle under water.

Today’s underwater digital camera can shoot images at high quality. The increase in the quality will also increase the file size of the image. So it is widely recommended to use a digital camera with an extra memory card or USB flash drive. The images taken in the digital cameras can be easily transferred to computers by using a USB cable or by using a Blue-tooth.

A perfect underwater camera takes image in every 1/250 seconds. They will also help you to shoot in shallow and bright water. As these cameras are a bit expensive, they are also available for rent in most major cities. Most of them are directly rented by the manufacturers to the end user.

Most underwater photographers prefer underwater digital cameras because they can be easily used as an ordinary camera on land and at the same time take images while diving, snorkeling or swimming in the water. This makes them a perfect choice for picnics, travel, family vacations and research. Disposable underwater cameras are also quite popular now days.

They are the perfect choice of adventure and fun and even if they got damaged you will be losing only a few dollars. The major camera manufactures are coming out with new models every year. The newer models are becoming smaller but much more powerful.

The underwater digital camera is small and lightweight, which will help you at a great deal in water. They also shoot truly high definition pictures and HD video just like any high end point and shoot camera. Some of them are designed to play professional presentations and audio tracks. But the only problem with them is that they are a little bit costly. However, if you believe in the quality of images rather than price they are the best choice for you.

The Popularity Of Underwater Photography

Capturing images underwater use to be quite costly and beyond the reach of novice photographers, snorkelers and divers. However, no longer are expensive are expensive amphibious underwater cameras with film needed or desired. With the advancement of technology any beginning underwater enthusiast can capture some stunning underwater images with some a basic underwater camera and some basic photography training. Underwater photography is a pastime that can become quite addictive because there are endless places to explore, new techniques to learn and artistic expression is limitless.

Underwater Camera Equipment for Your Underwater Adventures

Disposable Underwater Camera

If you are just starting out it’s not a bad idea to buy a cheap underwater disposable camera. The good thing about choosing one of these cameras is that you can take one for a dive just to get the hang of it and then as you become more sophisticated you want to upgrade. These cameras are also good for the occasional adventurer because you want be using the cameras a lot. Don’t expect too much from the photo quality nor should you expect the camera to have lots of bells and whistles. Think of the disposable underwater camera as a new car with no upgrades.

Compact Point and Shoot Underwater Cameras

A little bit higher up on the food chain is your standard point and shoot camera. Depending on the features that you desire in an underwater camera these little gems can become quite expensive. However, the price seems to be more affordable each year as more major camera manufacturers enter the underwater game. With the right underwater housing these cameras can easily be adopted to both land and water. When investing in an underwater camera consider the one’s that allow you to easily attach various strobes and lenses for best results. You’ll soon discover that there are no ends to gadgets that you can buy to extend the functionality of your camera underwater so you want to have an underwater camera that you can grow with.

Underwater DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) Housing – You’ll probably only be buying one of these types of underwater camera housings if you plan to pursue underwater adventures similar to that of the French explorer Jacques Cousteau and are willing to invest the necessary money. Underwater DSLR housings for Digital SLR Cameras are the most expensive way to take photos underwater, but you get the versatility of a high-performance camera with a variety of lens and strobes. These high-end housings are a must-have for serious underwater photographers, but a point and shoot waterproof camera will suffice for most recreational divers who desire good quality photos and videos, but don’t want to spend thousands of dollars for their equipment.

Underwater Housing

An Underwater Camera Housing is very important to protecting your camera while underwater from moisture and pressure. There are actually YouTube videos that are online showing you how to make your own underwater housing, if you are so inclined to do so, but most professional photographers don’t want to trust their expensive DSLR to a homemade housing. Many cameras being sold today are already equipped with their own housing but you need to be sure the quality if sufficient enough to help keep your camera protected. This is another reason to read our underwater camera reviews and to carefully check the manufacturers suggested use before buying.

Underwater Lens

Having a wide angle lens for your point and shoot camera is suggested for better coverage and long range shots. It’s best to use only one lens for each dive rather than trying to change to another one while submerged underwater. Also make sure you lens are securely attached and tethered to the camera as well and that the camera firmly attached with a strap. Chance are if you drop any of your equipment underwater it will undoubtedly become a permanent fixture at the bottom of the sea.

Underwater Lighting

Most point and shoot underwater cameras all have a built in flash. However, its not a bad idea to an external flash as this provides more light and better angles to shoot your subjects. Water unfortunately refracts lights and colors. Your eyes see much different things under the water than your camera does. Flash lighting helps to prevent your images from looking drab and dim.

Large memory card

Your memory card should have enough storage that running out on a single dive is not an issue.

Once you have chosen the underwater camera that is best for you then shoot and shoot until your hearts content. To fully learn the craft of underwater photography you’ve got to shoot lots of pictures. The great thing about shooting with digital opposed to film is that you can shoot all you want and then delete the photos that are not to your liking.

Before you spend your hard earned money on an underwater camera that will not meet your needs, be sure to check back with Underwater Camera Reviews. Be sure to bookmark this website so that it is easy for you to find again.

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