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[easyazon-block asin=”B0033VMM3G” align=”none”]Underwater cameras are fun, versatile and designed to fit any budget. You can take them fishing, swimming, boating and more. An underwater camera is perfect for those just starting out in photography or those looking to broaden their horizons and try something new. Learn the seven reasons to buy underwater camera.

1- Versatile

Underwater cameras are extremely versatile. You can use them to capture stunning images on a snorkeling vacation trip, scuba diving or out at the pool.

There are about as many underwater cameras as there are photographers. You can start with a simple disposable film camera good for shooting a swimming pool party or lake dive, move on to an automatic digital camera for vacations or upgrade to a high-end underwater camera and strobe for deep-sea coral and wildlife photography.

In addition to shooting in the water, underwater cameras can also be used above the water. They’re perfect to take on your next beach vacation. You’ll be able to move from the surf to the sand without ever having to worry about switching cameras. Underwater cameras are also great to have around in rainy weather or taking a trip to wet areas like Niagara Falls or a tropical rainforest.

2 – They Shoot Video

Sometimes two-dimensional photos just don’t do the awe-inspiring sights beneath the water justice. That’s where video comes in. Amateurs and professionals alike will appreciate the video feature on most mid-grade to high-end underwater cameras.

Impress and delight your friends by capturing incredible diving moments, first-time scuba trips, amazing wildlife and incredible coral with the video feature. Some underwater cameras have HD video capabilities, making memories coming to startling life again and again.

3 – Extremely High Shutter Speed

Whether you’re shooting swimming friends underwater at the pool or trying to capture the fast action of wildlife beneath the waves, you need a fast shutter speed.

Though you may be tempted to just buy a waterproof case for your regular digital camera, color and clarity will be lost to just about any water depth if you don’t have the correct shutter speed.  Unlike above-water digital cameras, when you buy underwater camera designed for this purpose, you’re getting shutter speed of up to 1/800th of a second, making it easy to capture striking images in even shallow water or low light situations.  A fast shutter speed is also very important when shooting fast action such as a zigzagging school of fish.

4 – Built for Wide-Angle Shots

Let’s face it; nobody wants to keep resurfacing to change lenses. Another great perk of having an underwater camera is the 100 degree wide angle lens perfect for capturing underwater landscapes.  Since scuba masks reduce your field of vision by up to 25%, it’s important to have a lens designed to compensate for that. A 100 wide angle lens eliminates annoying vignette (dark corners in your shots).

5 – Budget-Friendly

Because of the versatility of underwater cameras, it’s the ideal camera to take in situations where you plan to be both above and below the water. This means there’s no need to purchase several different cameras and pieces of equipment to tote around with you when you travel. This cuts down on initial cost as well as travel cost where baggage is weighed by the pound.

6 – Compact

Another great perk of having an underwater camera is it is compact, light-weight and travels well.  This is ideal when going out on a boat, to the lake or hanging out at a beach where there’s usually not a lot of clothing and pockets to go around.

7 – Durable

When you buy underwater camera, you get a camera that’s designed to be durable and long-lasting. Most underwater cameras can withstand a depth of at least 12 feet and are built to handle being jostled or dropped. They’re ideal for travel and outdoor enthusiasts who need their equipment to keep up.

If you’d like to buy underwater camera, you have many options available to you. Choose from retail outlets, specialty shops and many online retailers. Be sure to spend time doing research and reading underwater camera reviews before making a commitment to buy. Once you find the perfect one for you, you’ll be opening up a whole new world of photography fun!






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