Can You Take Pictures Underwater With a Waterproof Digital Camera?

[easyazon-block asin=”B004FLL5CC” align=”left”] Underwater waterproof digital cameras are quite popular these days.  This is because you’ll be able to capture some awesome images as you submerge yourself underwater.  These are images that you can cherish forever and share these wonderful memories with you friends and family.  With a waterproof camera you’ll be able to shoot photos underwater whether you’re snorkeling or just diving.

Taking underwater photos can be quite an amazing experience.  You can even buy waterproof cameras that are disposable if you don’t plan on spending a lot of time taking photos underwater.  Cameras being used underwater are built to withstand underwater pressure as well as low levels of light that you’ll encounter beneath the water’s surface.

If you plan on shooting pictures only on dry land and never in rainy whether conditions then you’ll don’t need the waterproof features of a digital camera.  However, if you plan on doing any diving or snorkeling and you shoot your subjects underwater then you will need the features that waterproof digital cameras offer.  There are many different brands to choose from and we review the top brands here on our website.

Be careful and make sure if you decide to purchase a camera for underwater shooting that you get one that is waterproof rather then water resistant.  A water resistant camera is can only withstand random splashes of water while a waterproof camera can be completely submerged underwater without causing any damage to the camera itself.

In order to take professional underwater photos expect to spend between $150 to $200 to get a decent camera.  One of our favorites is the Olympus Stylus Tough 6020.  This little gem is 14 megapixels and is not only waterproof up to 16 feet but also shockproof up to 5 feet.  It also has 1GB of internal memory so you’ll be able to take hundred of underwater photos.

If you plan on going snorkeling in the Cayman Islands soon then grab yourself a good underwater waterproof camera and know that your camera will be totally protected as you shoot your photos underwater. Always check your camera’s labeling and description that comes with your camera as the manufacturer will recommend how you should use the camera.  Ignoring such warnings could cause damage to your underwater camera.

Also keep in mind that there are differences when below water opposed to shooting on dry land.  The biggest difference is that light from the camera travels differently through water than it does through the air.  Air is transparent while water is opaque, this means that the light will travel straight to your chosen subject on dry land while light becomes a bit scattered underwater so you’ll have to make adjustments.

To learn more about a particular underwater camera be sure to browse our website for the best underwater camera reviews.



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