Ravelli Tripod Review

[easyazon-image-link asin=”B004RBX0GO” alt=”Ravelli Professional Ball Head Camera Video Photo Tripod with Quick Release Plate and Carry Bag” src=”http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41HJGwQ1LhL.jpg” align=”center” width=”500″ height=”500″]Any good photographer knows that a camera’s best friend is a great tripod. Because getting a clear and steady shot is an essential to basic photography, most photographers, novice or professional look for quality tripods to enhance the quality of their photographs.

There are a wide variety of tripods available on the market that vary in price, size and quality. One of the most cost efficient and best rated tripod manufacturers is Ravelli. A Ravelli Tripod review will show a photographer that Ravelli Professional Ball Head Camera Tripod produces professional grade tripods at consumer prices.

As digital SLRs become more and more popular and amateur photography grows as a hobby, the demand for professional grade camera accessories is higher. With consumers buying cameras at costs of over $600 dollars, few people are willing to risk placing their expensive cameras on flimsy tripods designed for cameras a tenth of that cost. Ravelli understands that sentiment and provides a line of well designed and sturdy tripods that are designed to handle heavier digital SLR cameras and their counterparts.

Ravelli Tripod Features

The tripod is constructed with:

·         lightweight aluminum for maximum portability

·         a ball head with a removable plate to make attaching and removing your camera a snap

·         an adjustable center column for maximum stability and height

Ravelli tripods provide all the features that a professional grade tripod does without the professional grade price. Ravelli tripods also come with heavy duty carrying bags complete with shoulder straps for easy carrying. As every photographer knows, whether novice or professional, the easier the equipment is to carry around the better. Weighing in at around four pounds and sometimes less, Ravelli tripods are competitive in the tripod market as they offer the best of every world, price, professionalism and portability.

Alongside its more basic features Ravelli tripods take their equipment to the next level by making their tripods a little more flexible than others in their price range. With some available for thirty five dollars, one might not expect to find features only generally available on tripod models twice the price. Features like the ability to invert the tripod legs for long angle shots are not common on tripods in such a low price range, but Ravelli offers this feature in their lower priced models as well as its higher priced models.

Who Is The Ravelli Tripod For?

Whether you are an amateur or a professional photographer, Ravelli has a tripod that can work for you. Whatever price range you are looking in, Ravelli offers a competitive tripod that offers a variety of features without compromising on size, portability or quality. Available at most local camera shops and online, these tripods are easy to find. When picking out a Ravelli tripod look for a Ravelli Tripod review from customers to find out which one could be best for you.

Most large online retailers allow for customers to provide their two-cents on the product and to discuss what they find beneficial and what they would change on the product. If you are new to picking out a tripod and need to know more about what to consider before making a purchase, the customer Ravelli Tripod review may a perfect way to find out more about Ravelli tripods and what they can do for you and your photographs.

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Sunpak 620-020 Tripod

[easyazon-image-link asin=”B00009UT28″ alt=”Sunpak 620-020 Tripod” src=”http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41ALxKL4i6L.jpg” align=”center” width=”280″ height=”500″]Every good photographer knows that in order to take certain quality photographs, you need to own a quality tripod. This however, does not mean that you have to throw down hundreds of dollars on professional grade equipment to get professional quality. The Sunpak 620-020 Tripod Tripod available on at many retailers online that are formidable competitors in the consumer grade tripod market.

The Sunpak Tripod Review- The Features

The Sunpak 620-020 Tripod has a variety of features that make it competitive in the tripod market. Aside from its low price coming in at just over $16 on Amazon.com, this tripod also offers the basics necessary in any quality pieces of equipment.

  • it is compatible with still cameras or with video cameras
  • The tripod has a 3-way pan head that features separate locks for maximum versatility
  • A quick-release mounting plate makes it easy and fast to set up and remove your camera from the tripod
  • Extending up to 49 inches, the tripod allows for a good amount of height
  • The tripod is constructed of lightweight aluminum that makes for easy carrying
  • Fluid design makes for little jerking, an important feature when using the tripod with video cameras

Who it’s Good For

This tripod is a great option for anyone searching to save a little money without sacrificing a lot of quality. Though the Sunpak 620-020 tripod will not provide advanced features available on its higher priced counterparts, it will provide the most basic features needed for the average photographer. Because it works seamlessly with both still and video cameras, it is a great option for anyone planning on switching between the two.

However, if you do plan on taking your tripod around with you regularly, consider that the Sunpak 620-020 Tripod does not come with a carrying case like some other tripods do. This may be a determining factor if you do plan on using your tripod on a regular basis and are looking for the most portable option. Regardless, the tripod itself remains a good lightweight option.

For those seeking more advanced tripod features, this may not be the model for you. However, if you’re looking for a basic model to keep on hand or for a backup to a more advanced professional grade model, this tripod is an expensive secondary option. Because it rings in under twenty dollars, you can’t really go wrong with this basic model.

Making the Most of Your Sunpak 620

To ensure you’re getting the most out of your Sunpak 620-020 make sure you do your research. Be sure to check your online retailer for the exact specifications on the product and customer reviews. Customer reviews can give a good indication of what is right and sometimes what is wrong with a product.

If you are unsure if this is the tripod for you, consider what others have to say about it and you may find many of your questions and concerns answered. Overall, for its price and basic features, the Sunpak 620-020 tripod seems like a great option for an amateur photographer or videographer and even a great backup or secondary tripod for a professional.

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