New Waterproof Pentax Optio WG-3

There’s no doubt Pentax knows their stuff when it comes to waterproof cameras for the average consumer. In addition to offering an affordable line of rugged compact cameras, they’re the only manufacturer that offers a weather-sealed DSLR under $1000, providing features that their competitors reserve for expensive high-end cameras.

So it’s no wonder that the Pentax Optio WG-3 is a great choice for anyone looking for a waterproof camera with rugged protection. It’s got an impressive list of features:

– Backlit 16 megapixel sensor
– Waterproof to 45 feet,
– Shockproof for drops up to 6.5-Feet
– Cold resistant to 14 degrees F
– Crushproof to 220 lbs of force
– Top sensitivity of ISO 6400
– Triple shake reduction
– 3-Inch LCD
– HD 1080P video with h.264 compression @ 30fps
– 6 LED macro lights for macro illumination
– 4x optical zoom (25mm – 100mm equivalent)

The WG-3 also comes in a GPS-enabled model, too. The Optio WG-3 has the same basic specs as the regular WG-3, but also includes a GPS module for geo-tagging your photos, as well as a built-in compass, pressure/altitude/water depth gauges and wireless recharging capabilities. The one thing the Optio doesn’t offer which is now available on competitors such as the Nikon Coolpix AW110 and the Pansonic Lumix TS5 is Wi-Fi capability.

So why would someone choose this camera over others in its class? To begin, it’s priced a bit lower than either the Coolpix AW110 or the Lumix TS5. Beyond that, if you’re interested in macro photography, you might like the 6 macro lights located around the lens.

The Optio WG-3 is a good choice for anyone seeking a rugged camera with full 1080p HD video and high resolution images. Whether you’re looking for a camera to take to the pool or the ocean, the mountains or the desert, this compact model is tough enough to take almost anything you can dish out and will produce great looking images you’ll be proud to share with your family and friends.

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Waterproof Cameras with Time Lapse Function

Waterproof cameras are great for taking to the beach, the lake, the local water park or anywhere you want to shoot photos underwater or not worry about getting your camera wet. But they also come with many features that make them great for taking creative pictures every day. One such feature is the time-lapse function (sometimes known as interval shooting mode). If you’re not familiar with cameras with time lapse function, this feature allows you to take automatic photos at specified intervals, which may be anywhere from seconds to hours apart. It’s great for capturing the changing colors in the sky during sunrise or sunset, tracking moving objects, or recording any type of progressive event. At the bottom of this page, you can see a stunning example of one photographer’s journey around the world, captured completely with time lapse still photos.

Sound like fun? Then take a look at these waterproof cameras with time lapse. They’re rugged, waterproof, and two of them have GPS geotagging built right in. They’re the perfect cameras for travel and adventure.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS4
waterproof cameras with time lapse function - panasonic ts4The Panasonic TS4 is one of the most popular underwater compact cameras. It’s loaded with a host of features, including time lapse mode. Just select the time you want to start taking photos, set the interval time, indicate the number of total photos you want to shoot and then sit back and let the camera do the work. Because it’s waterproof, dustproof and freezeproof, you won’t need to worry about the elements when you’re shooting outdoors. This is an extremely versatile camera that you can take with you just about anywhere without worrying about the elements.

Camera features:
– 12.1 MP sensor
– Waterproof, dustproof, shockproof and freezeproof
– Full 1920 x 1080p HD video
– 2.7″ LCD
– Leica lens
– GPS, compass, barometer, alimeter

GoPro Hero2
waterproof cameras with time lapse function - gopro hero2If you’re interested in capturing a series of time-lapse POV (point of view) photos, the GoPro Hero2 may be the perfect camera for you. This series of cameras come with various mounts, straps or harnesses to attach this compact camera to your body, helmet, or just about any sports equipment. Take it surfing, snow skiing, mountain biking or scuba diving, and the GoPro Hero2’s 170-degree wide-angle lens will capture all the action in still images or HD video. The time lapse function on this camera can be set to record an image every 0.5 seconds.

Camera features:
– 11 MP resolution
– 10 photos per second burst
– HD video up to 60 FPS
– Wi-Fi enabled

Pentax Optio WG-2 GPS
waterproof cameras with time lapse mode - pentax optio wg-2The Optio WG-2 and WF-2 GPS are the newest models in the Optio line, representing the 13th generation of Optio cameras from Pentax. And they’re built with some of the newest features available in compact rugged cameras. In addition to time lapse function, both of these cameras offer creative functions such as voice memo, in-camera cropping, fisheye effect, starburst, sepia, color emphasis, miniature effect and much more. The GPS version also includes geotagging. And all of this is available in bodies that are waterproof to 40 feet, shockproof to 5 feet, crush-proof to 100kg of force, freezeproof to 14 degrees Fahrenheit, and dustproof.

Camera features:
– 16 MP CMOS snensor
– Waterproof to a depth of 40 feet, shock proof to 5 feet, cold proof to 14 degrees F, dustproof
– Wide angle optical zoom (28-140mm equivalent)
– Large 3″ LCD


An Amazing Example of Time-Lapse Photography

This amazing video called “Time is Nothing” by Kien Lam was created with 6237 time-lapse photos. The photographer didn’t have a camera with time lapse function – he actually pushed the shutter button manually for every shot using a Panasonic Lumix GF-1 (a micro four-thirds) camera. It’s a great example of what you can do with time-lapse photos.

Pentax’s New Optio WG-2 and WG-2 GPS

pentax waterproof camera with gps - wg-2 gpsPentax recently released the following press release about its two new rugged models, the Optio WG-2 and WG-2 GPS, which will be available this spring.

PENTAX RICOH IMAGING AMERICAS CORPORATION announces today availability of its new Optio WG-2 and Optio WG-2 GPS digital compact cameras. The new models represent the 13th generation of Optio series cameras, reflecting the timeless legacy of the line. This latest generation of PENTAX adventure cameras are now waterproof up to 40 feet, dustproof, coldproof, crushproof, and shock-resistant. The improved image quality in high-sensitivity shooting situations such as night shooting or in poorly illuminated indoor settings and full 1080p HD movie recording capability add to the cameras’ rugged design and durability.

In addition, the new PENTAX WG-2 series cameras feature a new backlit 16 MP sensor and six unique LED lights for extreme macro photography. Later this spring, PENTAX will introduce a SportMount Chest Harness for hands-free handling of the cameras, ideal for sport enthusiasts who like to document their adventures.

“The new WG-2 series digital cameras are truly adventure-ready tools,” said John Carlson, Sr. Manager of Sales and Marketing, PENTAX. “Thoughtfully designed to be shockproof, dustproof, coldproof and crushproof, these dependable, heavy-duty cameras can withstand virtually any environmental challenge while maintaining the same resiliency and work ethic as those who use it.”

Key upgrades to the latest models include:

• High-resolution Full HD 1080p movie recording (1920 x 1080 pixels) at 30 FPS with high quality h.264 compression.
• Waterproof to depths of 40 feet.
• Digital Microscope mode with one additional macro LED (total of six lights) for excellent macro lighting of subjects as close as 1 cm.
• A newly designed GPS module that delivers a shorter time lag before GPS start-up and longer battery life during GPS activation.
• A new optional SportMount Chest Harness that straps-on the WG-2 for hands-free HD movie capture of every exciting moment of adventure on land, sea or in the air.

pentax underwater camera wg-2 Additional features include:

• Shockproof design protects camera that are dropped from a distance of up to 5 feet.
• Crushproof construction withstands weights up to 220 lbf (pound-force).
• Coldproof to sub-freezing temps of minus 10 degrees C (14 degrees F).
• Dustproof design protects the camera from dry, dusty environments.
• Wide angle 5x internal optical zoom lens (28-140mm equivalent).
• Large 3-inch LCD features HVGA resolution (460,000 dots) and anti-reflective coating on its protective cover.
• Hardened cover with SP coating protects internal lens elements.
• An HDMI port (Micro, Type-D) plays back beautiful, high definition images and video on HDTVs.
• Pixel Track, Digital, and Movie Shake Reduction ensure sharp, blur-free images and video.
• Fast Face Detection technology including Smile Capture and Blink Detection to capture perfect portraits.
• A Handheld Night Snap mode produces a single blur-free, composite image from four images of the same scene.
• An autofocus assist lamp helps to quickly and accurately focus.
• Extended dynamic range helps bring out extra highlight and shadow detail.
• PENTAX infrared remote control compatibility for remote shooting.
• GPS and non-GPS versions are available in several new stylish color options.

Priced at $349.95 USD, the Optio WG-2 is available now in a choice of Black or Vermillion Red, while the Optio WG-2 GPS is priced at $399.95 USD in a choice of Shiny Orange or Gloss White. The new SportMount Chest Harness is $49.95 USD and will be available late spring/early summer 2012.

Pentax Optio W90
Pentax Optio W90

Pentax has come up with the rugged W90, an all-weather, robust camera, which can be dipped up to 6 meters into the water from a height of about 1.2 meters. The digital camera can withstand the coldest temperature of “10-degree Celsius.

The water, and dust resistant rugged device boasts 12 megapixels with 5x zoom lens, which is squeezed fully inside the compact device. Shots are captured on the large 2.7” TFT color LCD screen with an anti-reflective coating and 230,000 dots of resolution. What’s more ” with updated face detection system, and anti-shake protection, the Pentax W90 is one of the best digital camera options available before you.

The ‘W’ prefix associated with Pentax Optio W90 reflects waterproof feature of the device. In addition, the device is freeze proof to minus 10 degree Celsius; dustproof and shock proof as well. Moreover, an appealing digital microscope mode allows catching magnified images of minute objects supported by the three LED lights in front of the lens barrel.

The Pentax Optio W90 offers upgraded face detection AF & AE function. This feature detects up to 32 faces at a time and grabs them in sharp focus and optimum exposure in only 0.03 seconds. In addition, this upgraded version not only detects human faces, but also detects cats and dogs.

However, the digital camera boasts high-quality HD proportioned movie recording. The device captures high-quality video clips at 16:9 high-definition TV proportions at the rate of 30 frames per second. It also offers a variety of editing function as well.

The extra large 2.7 inch LCD monitor containing 230,000 dots allows users to take pictures easily. Watching video clips on the large screen is just amazing. With Optical 5x zoom lens and 28mm wide-angle coverage ” the device allows capturing a wide variety of subjects and scenes.

Overall, the Pentax Optio W90 is an excellent photo camera and it’s worth buying it.