Chums Waterproof Camera Float

[easyazon-block asin=”B003CK10DG” align=”left”] You can save your underwater digital camera from sinking to the bottom of a pool or the ocean with a Chums waterproof camera float.  You’d be quite foolish to spend $400 on an new Sony Cybershot camera and not invest an additional ten bucks for cheap camera float.  We like the Chums brand because its affordable, soft camera float that easily attaches to any waterproof camera.
Keep in mind that if your camera is not already waterproof a float will do you no good.  Also, the Chums camera float is designed for lighter weight cameras and not the underwater cameras that Jacques Cousteau would be lugging around.  The bright yellow band is easy to locate and it conveniently wraps around your wrist.
It’s always a good idea to test your camera in a body of shallow water first to see if it floats.  The manufacturers of the Chums camera float have tested most major brands of underwater cameras to see if the camera will float but since new cameras are being released all the time it would be impossible for them to test every camera on market.  In the end it is your responsibility to perform the camera water test to see if your camera actually floats.  As long as your underwater camera is lightweight and small the Chums underwater camera float should work perfectly.  Also, its not a bad idea to secure the wrist lanyard around your as an extra layer of protection.

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