DC 1200

DC 1200SeaLife’s DC 1200 point and shoot digital camera allows you to capture underwater scenes like never before. The specifics it has are many, making it a masterpiece of technology. However, SeaLife’s business is knowing the needs of divers; thus, this camera meets those requirements with ease.

The next time that dark outline creeps up on you, you do not have to leave its image at sea. Bring back all the exotic shapes, vibrant colors and unbelievably serene settings to the land”lubbers in your life. One quick click and sights unseen are your memoirs forever.

This 12 megapixel lightweight beauty sports features to fill a ship. Various picture”taking modes make a novice a pro. Easy mode does the work for you. All you do is shoot. Sea mode allows different hues depending on the water’s color. Snorkel mode adjusts to match the pale shades of shallow water. Catch the whole amazing story of that dolphin jumping out of the waves until he dives back down with the successive automatic photography of the Spy mode.

Two other modes, External Flash Manual and Automatic capture those ripe sunsets at perfect settings when you are topside. No hassle, even in scuba gloves, toggle switches and over sized shutter buttons ensure that every desired picture is taken. Extraordinary close”ups, as near as four inches, are possible with the auto focus feature.

And this camera will last, being water resistant to 200 feet, and including the potential for expandability with other lenses, purchased separately. Containing a large viewing screen, not a tiny peephole, there is no squinting. Optical Image Stabilization and a no”slip rubberized coating protect against unwanted movements. Take continuous video footage, with sound, from the same piece of equipment.

At less cost than one would expect from such a feature”rich camera. It includes SeaLife’s uncompromising quality. Compatible with multiple memory cards for home printing. You will soon see how the DC 1200 will be as needful as your mouthpiece

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