How to Pick a Digital Camera

[easyazon-block asin=”B004XNFHJY” align=”left”]If you want to know how to pick a digital camera, it is important that you know a few things about them. Many people simply wander into the nearest camera shop and pick out the camera that catches their eye, but you will find that knowing a bit about digital cameras will help you make an educated choice and help you to choose the right one for you.

Here are a few features to look for when searching for a digital camera:

  • Megapixels

The average camera has between 10 MP and 14 MP, and you shouldn’t even consider a camera with lower than 10 MP. The megapixels of a camera determine that quality of the images taken, and you will want a camera with higher megapixels to ensure that the images you take are the best quality.

  • Zoom

The zoom of a camera allows you to zoom in and out for close up and panorama images. The average digital camera that you will find today has between 6x and 8x zoom, though the better cameras can have up to 10x zoom. Finding a camera that has 8x zoom will ensure that you are easily able to zoom in and out to take quality pictures.

  • Brand

There are dozens of camera makers producing cameras that can be found in local department and camera stores. The best brands to look for are Sony, Panasonic, Olympus, and Nikon. While these cameras tend to be more expensive, they have many more advanced features that make them the best digital cameras available on the market.  Olympus continues to amaze us with the quality of cameras that emerge like the Olympus Stylus 550.

  • Flash

The flash of your camera is very important, and each camera has a different flash range. While you may not be able to compare all of the cameras in the store to find the one with the best flash range, you can easily ask the store clerk which cameras are the best in this area.

  • Screen and Viewfinder

Nearly every camera in existence today has a viewfinder into which you squint to see your pictures, and the cameras that don’t have viewfinders have large LCD screens to show you your desired image. Most cameras have both, but it is often easier for beginners to snap pictures looking at the LCD screen. Many cameras come with a large LCD screen, and it makes it easier for you to take pictures when you have a larger screen.

  • Auto Settings

Every digital camera comes with an auto setting that allows you to take any kind of picture without having to adjust the camera. This makes it easier to snap pictures, but the auto settings on each camera tend to vary. Ask the sales clerk which camera has the best auto settings, as most amateur shutterbugs won’t know how to properly use and adjust the more advanced settings on their digital camera.

Using the above tips, you now know how to pick a digital camera that will be the best camera for you, and your new digital camera will take the best quality pictures according to what you can afford.



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