Olympus Tough 8010

Olympus Tough 8010The stylish Olympus Tough 8010 is a rugged camera in a compact frame. Coming from a long line of weatherproof cameras from Olympus, this is a camera that comes with a tough body that makes it waterproof up to 10m. It is also shockproof even when dropped from a height of 2 meters.

Advantages of the Olympus Tough 8010

This camera has some points over other point-and-shoots in that comes in a small, rugged  frame. The compact point-and-shoot is able to take pictures with 14 megapixels of picture quality.

The zoom lens, although slower compared to its predecessors, sports a  longer zoom range. The camera is also packed with HD video capture technology at 720p, which was not available in older models.  More importantly, it is shock and water proof, made even more reliable with added water and  dust seals. There’s a double latch for the battery and memory card door for added security. The lens is protected by a chrome cover which slides out of the way when the camera is being used.

Performance-wise, the 8010 leaves a lot to be desired, which doesn’t mean that it cannot get the job done. Graphics are easy to read and sport that vintage look that reminds one of old video games. The unit tends loads slow, and navigating the menu, especially the deeper settings can be tricky.

The quality of the shots also resembles those taken with cheaper compact cameras, which can be a deal breaker for those who are looking for a regular model without the weather-sealing. Video quality is normal, not really too remarkable, and there are visible artifacts present on most video captures when the FINE setting is used.

All in all, the Olympus Tough 8010 performs as well as other low-end compact cameras. However, its durability and ability to withstand various kinds of conditions make it perfect for outdoor adventurers. For those simply looking for sturdy compact models for outdoor escapades and can do with regular image quality, the Olympus Tough 8010 is a good option.

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