Sealife DC1200 Elite Review

The Sealife Dc1200 Elite Underwater Camera can be considered one of the best underwater photography devices on the market and for good reason: it can reliably take excellent photos. No matter what type of environment you may be in, this is the camera you will want to take pictures with.  What makes this particular camera such an excellent piece of equipment? There are quite a few top attributes associated with the camera. Here is a look at a few of the more notable ones.[easyazon-image-link asin=”B0036RZHQQ” alt=”Sealife Dc1200 Elite Underwater Camera” src=”http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41QpZzisXEL.jpg” align=”center” width=”402″ height=”500″]

Picture Quality

What value would a camera have if it did not offer excellent picture quality? Most consumers will want an underwater camera that definitely does deliver on all image expectations which is why they may gravitate towards the Sealife Dc1200 Elite Underwater Camera. Without a doubt, this camera presents a brilliant picture that comes with amazing detail, sharp colors, and incredible brightness. You will get the proper photos you desire provided, of course, you do you part in terms of the framing. The technical components will always be covered by this camera as it is truly an amazing device in terms of its ability to deliver a high quality, crystal clear image.

Video Features

This excellent camera does come with a limited video feature which means you can capture video photography with a mere minor click of a few buttons. You do not need to wish you had a video camera as opposed to a still one because with this model, you have both. The picture quality of the video image will be just as sharp and clear as the digital still photos. So, you can feel reasonably confident the live images you capture will be distinguishable and professionally presented.

Battery Life

What would an underwater camera be without a reliable battery? Well, it would still be a camera but it would not be a functional camera. This model comes with a lithium battery that can survive an entire day’s worth of use without recharging.

Accessories Included

In addition to the camera itself, there are several accessories that come with the camera. These are not “minor” accessories of a superficial nature. Rather, they are enormously helpful in terms of your ability to get the most out of the Sealife Dc1200 Elite Underwater Camera. These accessories would include a wide angle lens and digital pro flash.

The wide angle lens ensures you do not end with a series of cropped images. You never know what type of framing you will need for a particular photo. The inclusion of a wide angle lens can increase the likelihood that you do not end up with a picture that maintains a limited perspective of what you wished to capture. Additionally, the wide angle lens allows you to get a lot closer to a subject. Just be sure you are not getting too close to any potentially dangerous sea life!

The digital pro flash helps you overcome an even worse scenario than a cropped photo: it illuminates your subject so it is not washed out in low light scenarios. A strong flash is a must under certain circumstances which is why it can be considered a great inclusion in the Sealife Dc1200 Elite Underwater Camera package. A quality flash eliminates scores of problems and enhances the likelihood your photos do not come out too dark to be visible. There is also an automatic exposure control connected to the flash which will further increase the likelihood that the photos you take embody the proper lighting.

And yes, the lightweight carry case the camera comes in is a nice addition. Why risk having any damage befall your camera when this case can ensure it stays reasonably safe from harm?


The Sealife Dc1200 Elite Underwater Camera is definitely a reliable camera as far as being built to last is concerned. It is not prone to breaking down or suffering from mechanical defects as long as it is properly cared for. Those that take the extra steps to make sure it is safely packed away when not in use and also take care when they are using it will discover this camera lasts a long, long time.

Of course, there will be instances where you run into potential hazards that could damage the camera. Thankfully, the manufacturer has coated this model with rubber armor reducing the potential for damage. This camera can also withstand depths of 200 feet so it will not suffer damage from crush depth issues.

The bottom like here is if you want a great aquatic camera, you will want the Sealife Dc1200 Elite Underwater Camera. This truly is among the best underwater cameras on the market…bar none.

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