The Sony Cyber Shot 12.1 is One Cool Camera

Sony Cyber Shot 12.1Have you ever wanted to have a digital camera that suited your lifestyle? Well, you may have found it with the Sony Cyber shot 12.1 TX10. This camera is certified to be waterproof, dustproof, shockproof and freeze-proof.

Doesn’t that just about cover all the bases? You can capture beautifully expansive landscapes with only one simple touch of the iSweep Panorama, or record Full HD 1080/60i movies that are crystal clear. Let’s examine several of the features of this unique Sony Cybershot TX10 digital camera:

Sony Cyber Shot 12.1 – Rugged and Stylish

This sleek and stylish camera is made to fit in your pocket or purse and it is also waterproof up to depths of about sixteen feet. Tell me, who doesn’t drop their camera occasionally? You will be happy to know that the Sony TX10 is able to withstand falls from about five feet and due to its airtight construction, this little camera is also dustproof. The list seems endless as to what this Sony camera can do. It is able to withstand extreme temperatures, being able to operate in temperatures from such extremes to 14 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.  This product is available in in these five colors: (Black),(Silver),(Green),(Blue) and (Pink)

Sony Cyber Shot 12.1 – Background Defocus

Digital Single Lens Reflex pictures are often the most beautiful as the background is blurred so the main emphasis is put on the subject. This is another feature of the Sony Cyber shot 12.1 TX10 camera. This Sony system is able to take two shots, identify the background and apply a defocused background in order to keep the subject crisp and clear.


The Sony High-Definition Multimedia Interface, or HDMI, is a compact audio/video interface connector that is able to transmit uncompressed digital streams. This feature of the Sony TX10 will connect digital/audio sources to such devices as a compatible camcorder, a personal computer, an AV receiver, a Blu-ray Disc player, a video game console and more. This is certainly a versatile little camera that has a variety of functions.

Motion Detection and Anti-Motion Blur Mode

Sony’s Motion Detection as well as with Face Motion Detection will adjust sensitivity while at the same time increasing the shutter speed whenever movement is detected. This will reduce the blur in moving faces and other subjects.

For non-landscape shots, you will be able to capture sharper and cleaner images when the light is low. When the Sony TX10 is set in Anti-motion Blur Mode, it can capture up to six images in only a fraction of a second while using one of the higher shutter speeds. This camera will then combine the data from all six of the images to create one single image of extreme clarity and detail while at the same time dramatically reducing subject blur much more so than that of other cameras.

There are just so many more amazing features that can be said of the Sony Cybershot TX10 that there is just not enough room in one article to name them all. About the only negative feature that I found out about the Sonly TX10 is that there is no Global Positioning System, or GPS, for geotagging capability. That is something rather small to overlook concerning all of the other positive features of this Sony Cybershot TX10.

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