Sony CyberShot TX 10 Review

[easyazon-image-link asin=”B004H8FNH6″ alt=”Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-TX10 16.2 MP Waterproof Digital Still Camera with Exmor R CMOS Sensor, 3D Sweep Panorama, and Full HD 1080/60i Video (Blue)” src=”http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51J4jJdM70L._SL160_.jpg” align=”left” width=”150″ height=”160″]This is a great time to review the latest point-and-shoot digital cameras since various manufacturers have unveiled their hottest new products. Now it is time to put Sony in the spotlight because the Sony CyberShot TX10 is making some waves.

I personally believed that the Sony CyberShot TX10 is hiding some sort of secret or two and with this Sony CyberShot TX 10 review finally in, you will find out just how exciting these secrets really are.

The Cybershot TX10’s Outer Strength

It is easy to conclude that this CyberShot camera is clearly out to impress the people who really want to show off their stylish camera. The black finish surely shows that trademark Sony look but it also comes in silver as well as some flashy pink, yellow, green, and blue colors. But the camera’s real outer strength lies on its durability and ruggedness and I am not talking about just simple toughness. I am highlighting some hard facts that this camera is:

  • Waterproof to a 16-feet depth
  • Shockproof when dropped from about 5-feet high
  • Dustproof in all aspects
  • Freezeproof even under 14-degrees Fahrenheit or -10-degrees Celsius temperatures.

No matter how much you say $300 price tag is a huge deal, this early part of the Sony CyberShot TX 10 review already shows that this camera easily takes the crown of being the best rugged compact digital camera.

Putting the Beast to Work

Now it is time to find out if this thing is an agile performer. Fortunately, you will know the answer to that if you have used a Sony CyberShot TX5 before. You slide down the front panel to reveal the lens and the flash and use the 3-inch touchscreen found at the back to operate the controls. Not everyone is feeling the touchscreen rave when it comes to digital cameras, but the Sony CyberShot TX10 actually performs some nice tricks.

  • Touching the screen can be used to focus.
  • Tapping the screen twice during playback mode zooms the image in.
  • Most of the menu controls are iconized and touch-friendly.
  • Playback, video record, shutter, zoom, and power functions represent physical buttons.
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In addition to these functions, the screen quality surprisingly bright and viewing pictures is clear although the font size of the interface could be a bit bigger.

Bringing out the Performance

When I tried to take the first picture, it took just less than one and a half seconds to process. The shutter lag is also quite low going under a half-second. Compared to some of the competing rugged cameras, the performance is pretty good.

The Sony CyberShot TX10 also comes out strong with its 16.2-megapixel “Exmor R” CMOS sensor and Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens. The high megapixel count means that you can take some nice photos and print them on larger media without the need of upsizing them which can lead to noticeable pixilation. Shooting wide pictures at 16:9 also means that the resolution lowers to a 12-megapixel resolution which is still high and actually a more preferable setting for taking landscape photos.

Like other Sony digital cameras, it combines its “Exmor R” sensor with its proprietary BIONZ image processor to deliver exceptional low-light performance and reduced noise. It also gives the Sony CyberShot TX 10 review some extra points in the continuous shooting speed performance as it can take up to 10 frames per second when using VGA resolution.

The “auto” mode is always the mode that beginners should try out first but many professional photographers can easily highlight the flaws. The Sony CyberShot TX10 manages to hide some of these obvious flaws with its Superior Auto Mode. It has a preset database of 36 different scenes and it tries to match the scene with the subject that you just took automatically. This mode actually does a pretty good job and it even goes as far as reducing the noise by using a special layering technology that takes six very quick shots and combines them all.

The automatic white balance feature does a nice job in enhancing the saturation of images to make them clearer and more impressive. You may see some bluish instances, but it really helps when you take some photos underwater.

Video performance is pretty spot on for this compact rugged masterpiece with its support for 1080i video in AVCHD format so you get good colors and decent HD quality. The built-in stereo microphone also does a splendid job in capturing sound.

Product Images– click images for larger view

The Camera for the People

When people start getting into the picture, the Soft Skin Mode can prove to be useful. This typically works like other cameras with face recognition and similar technologies where the skin tones are improved while getting rid of some wrinkles and blemishes all without messing up the rest of the photo. Speaking of Face Detection technology, this CyberShot model has it as well and it can go as far as telling the difference between adults and children.

It supports up to 8 faces and knows how to adjust the flash, exposure, and other key parameters to ensure a clear photo. The Smile Shutter button can optionally be used to make sure the captured moment is all smiles while the Anti-blink Function captures another image in case somebody is blinking. It does not even matter if the subjects move while the shot is taken too because the Face Motion Detection feature increases the shutter speed and adjusts the ISO sensitivity the moment movement is detected.

Included in the Package

• Rechargeable Battery Pack NP-BN1 (good for 250 shots)
• USB Cable
• USB Charger AC-UB10/10B
• AC Adapter
• Wrist Strap
• Software CD-ROM

Customer Reception

  • The TX10 shines in low-light still photography”
  • “Excellent flash coverage”
  • “It’s slim and easy to carry around while taking high quality photos with a wide range of options.”

More in depth user reviews can be found by clicking on this link.

The Sony CyberShot TX 10 review puts high marks in style, durability, and performance which are quite rare for a $300 camera. It may not outclass the competition in one specific area but the Sony CyberShot TX10 manages to stay unique by mixing all of the three together to give you great all-around performance.

Here’s the unboxing……….

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