Tips On Photography

tips on photographyNow that digital cameras are very affordable almost anybody can be a photographer these days. Problem is, it takes more than a camera to take good pictures.

It takes a certain eye, a way of seeing things, to take the types of photos that make people go “Wow!”. Fortunately, the skills needed to take stunning photos can be learned. And the more you practice the basic techniques, the better you’ll get.

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Start by taking a look at the 12 most common mistakes photographers make when taking digital pictures:


Mistake # 1 – Not knowing your camera.  If you never read your digital camera’s manual and became familiar with its features and how to use them, you won’t be to utilize the camera to its fullest.

Mistake # 2 – Failing to use a tripod.  Tripods allow you to take the sharpest pictures even in low light.  It’s always a good idea to use one as often as possible.

Mistake # 3 – Not giving your camera enough time to focus properly.  Digital cameras need time to properly focus and get the right exposure. It normally takes a fraction of a second up to a couple of seconds. You must account for this time when taking pictures to improve your picture quality.

Mistake # 4 – . Relying too much on the zoom feature.  Using the camera’s zoom feature makes the picture grainier. When shooting pictures whether on land or underwater tray and get as close to the subject as possible.

Mistake # 5 – Taking pictures against the light makes the subject dark and the background too bright.

Mistake # 6 – Relying too much on the flash instead of use the natural light that nature has so graciously provided you with.  Natural light will give you the best pictures, so use it as much as possible. Flash tends to make images look harsh, especially when used improperly.

Mistake # 7 – Not shooting enough pictures.  You probably will not take the perfect shot on your first try, so shoot lots of pictures.  In the era of digital photography, this won’t cost you an additional money.  Be sure to try many different angles and compositions.

Mistake # 8 – Always putting the subject dead center.  Learn the rule of thirds in composition, and you’ll have more interesting pictures.

Mistake # 9 – Forgetting to check the horizon. When taking pictures with the horizon showing, make sure it’s level.

Mistake # 10. Selecting a low-resolution setting.  Remember your camera will allow you to select different resolutions. Don’t be tempted to choose a low resolution just to save on memory space. Instead, buy additional memory for your camera and always take your pictures in high resolution and watch your picture quality improve tremendously.

Mistake # 11 – Trying to take too much into one shot.  Don’t try to include too many subjects in one picture, such as people and scenery. A picture is more effective when it’s focused on a single subject.

Mistake # 12 – Not using the camera.  You’ll never know when a good photo opportunity will present itself, so have your camera with you at all times.

It may seem like a lot to think about, but with alot practice, these tips for shooting better photos will become second nature.

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