Underwater Digital Camera
[easyazon-block asin=”B004MKNJEI” align=”left”]If the inventors of photography, such men as William Henry Fox Talbot, Louis Daugerre, and John Herschel could have predicted the capabilities of the medium to include underwater digital cameras, what else could they have predicted: maybe the moonwalk, nuclear energy, the computer?  I’m sure they would be proud that their contributions to the field now allow for amazing underwater photography.

Since its beginning stages in the late nineteenth century, photography has seen a plethora of incredible innovations, new capabilities and creative advancements for both the amateur and professional.  Not since Kodak invented the Brownie, however, which allowed photography to be accessible to the masses, has the field seen such staggering breakthroughs as those created by the digital technology available today.

Jacques Cousteau helped usher in the age of underwater photography with the Calypso waterproof camera in the early 1960s. Nikon later bought the design, renamed it Nikonos and dominated the underwater camera market for about 40 years with several variations of the camera. But it wasn’t until 2008 that the first digital waterproof camera hit the market. Now new waterproof digital cameras are being introduced regularly, and it’s probably only a matter of time until one of the big players like Canon or Nikon introduces the first underwater DSLR.

Now virtually anyone can snap a photo underwater while on vacation in the crystal-clear Caribbean or while hovering above the reefs of Australia.  The true beauty of the underwater digital camera includes not only pleasure-seeking snorkelers or scuba divers hoping to document the colorful fish, octopi and barracuda they swim with, but fine art photographers and scientists as well as we continue to explore the world we call home.

Photography is special in its unique ability to perfectly transcribe what we see into an image we can later hold in our hands, hang on our walls or post on any of the social media sites that now so define how we communicate with one another as human beings.  It will continue, surely, to play a pivotal role within the societies we create and how we manage to see ourselves as participants.

And now that we can photograph the stars, poke into galaxies, find ourselves on the famous streets of Hollywood by opening up any old magazine, it is only fitting that we too can use photography to explore the stunning universe inside the seas.  The underwater digital camera, simply put, is an amazing tool for the amateur photographer, the artist, the scientist, or the social butterfly and should not be overlooked as an item to be packed while visiting anywhere near a body of water.

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