What Is The Best Low Cost Digital Underwater Camera?

what is the best low cost digital underwater camera?In this article I will share with you what we feel is the best low cost digital underwater camera and why. When we speak of low cost digital underwater camera we are referring to one priced between $50 and $100.

For the price we really like what the Acqua DC-1231B Digital Still Camera with waterproof case has to offer. Priced at just over $50 this is a fantastic underwater camera.  The camera has enough internal memory for plenty of picture taking.  It even has a slot for an SD memory card which allows for even more picture memory storage.

Expect the quality of pictures to be what you would expect from a decent smart phone but you’ll be able to shoot pictures underwater.  You shouldn’t expect high definition photos when buying an underwater camera in this price range.

The shutter speed on this camera will require you to remain still while shooting underwater if you don’t want your pictures to turn out blurry.  The camera has proven to be a great little camera while diving or snorkeling.  Keep in mind that you will achieve the greatest underwater shots when your school of fish are not swimming away from you.

The display on this camera works well enough for you to see while underwater.  The photos taken underwater are displayed on screen so if you can see if you need to re-shoot the photos.  Many people have wondered how this camera compares to the disposable Kodak underwater camera on the market.  We actually think that the Acqua DC-1231B is a much better camera plus you can reuse it.

If you plan on using flash underwater with this camera keep in mind that it will decrease the battery life of your batteries and it will also slow down your ability to shoot rapid pictures.  Expect the battery life to be somewhere between 3 – 4 depending on how many pictures you plan on shooting.

If you’re looking for camera that is waterproof that you can take along on your next family vacation and you’re not looking to spend a ton of money then you can’t lose with the Acqua DC-1231B.  However, don’t expect the performance and the features that you would get from a waterproof camera such as the Olympus Stylus Tough 8010.

You can pick up the Acqua DC-1231B dirt cheap on Amazon.


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