Where to Buy a Used Underwater Camera

used underwater cameraDo you want to buy a used underwater cameras? The web is a great place to look for used products, and many people may automatically turn to eBay or Craiglist to find a used waterproof camera. Both are great places to search and find bargains, and you should always check these sources when you’re looking for a great deal. But they have downsides, too. On eBay, everyone is looking for a bargain and you may be forced to bid against many other people who can outbid you at the last minute, and Craiglist users don’t have ratings you can evaluate. The ads are also limited by your geographic region, so you might not find a big selection.

If eBay and Craiglist don’t work out, where else can you buy a used underwater camera? The answer is Amazon. Yes, Amazon. The megastore is a great choice because, like eBay, they allow merchants from all around the country to post items for sale and provide seller ratings you can review before making a purchase. But unlike eBay, you’ll never have to wait for an auction to end or worry about getting outbid at the last moment. Some products are even offered by Amazon itself, through the Amazon Warehouse, so you can get free shipping and the assurances that come from shopping with a trusted retailer.

I recently purchased a used waterproof camera for $93.07, including free Prime shipping, from the Amazon Warehouse. A new model of the same camera was selling for $179 on Amazon. Of course, my used model showed some signs of wear and tear, but it worked perfectly, and that’s what mattered most to me.

How can you get bargains like this? It’s easy to find used underwater cameras for sale on Amazon. Simply go to the underwater camera category and scroll down the left column until you see the section called Condition. Click the link that says “Used.” That will limit the results so the only listings you’ll see are ones with a used model available. Be sure to look at all the listings carefully, as the condition, color and shipping charges can make a big difference in price. The camera I bought was green and listed in “good condition.” The cheapest used model in blue and also in good condition was $119. I chose price over color and got the best deal.

Many of the waterproof cameras will have more than one used model available. Click the “…used from…” link under the camera photo to see a list of all the used options. You’ll get a chart showing all the options available, including each camera’s condition, the seller ratings, shipping information and other data, as shown in the example below.

used underwater camera screenshot

Don’t forget to look at the shipping details to make sure you’re not choosing the cheapest camera, only to have to pay the most in shipping. If you find one of the used underwater cameras from the Amazon Warehouse, you may be able to get free Prime shipping or free Super Saver shipping.

With a few minutes of research and a little luck, you’ll walk away with a great used waterproof camera at an even better price!

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